Spray Booths

Spray booths vary in many ways based on their air flow system. Choosing the one that is just right for you can make a competitive difference. In fact, current paint spray booth technologies allow you to reach showroom quality more cost effectively. Whether you are considering building a custom spray booth or upgrading an existing one, make sure you are choosing the right technology, this means finishing quality, less labour and lower operating costs.

RS Finishing Systems, Inc. has been working and selling spray booths for 30 years. We are experts on booth types and matching customers to the perfect spray booth for their specific needs.

Custom Paint Booths

Having a spray paint booth match your exact needs is important for finishing quality, operating costs, and much more. Sometimes that perfect paint booth doesn’t quite exist. That’s when custom paint booths become the solution. From custom sizing, shape, elements, we will help you craft the perfect booth to maximize efficiency and paint finish quality.

Industries We Work In

RS Finishing Systems, Inc. works in many different industries as the spray booth requirements must adapt to the unique demands of each. Below are the common industries we work in though we often run into others and custom booths are always available.

Automotive Spray Booths

Automotive spray booths are the most common booths that RS Finishing Systems, Inc. deals in for obvious reasons. With an extensive selection of high-performance spray paint booths, RS Finishing Systems, Inc. understands the importance of a high quality paint finish and is here to help you acquire the perfect booth for your unique requirements.

Aircraft Spray Booths

Aircraft spray booths come with very unique requirements due to their sheer size. RS Finishing Systems, Inc. are experts at designing high-performance spray booths for aircrafts of all sizes. Understanding the requirements based on the aircraft ensures the perfect airflow, filtration, temperature, contamination control, and humidity for precision aircraft paint finishing.

Industrial Manufacturing Spray Booths

Industrial product manufactures face a number of spray environment challenges. From spray coating; golf balls, to painting wood furniture, desks and hutches, washers/dryers, filing cabinets, bicycles, and much more, the spray paint booths must address unique production needs for these manufacturers. Contact RS Finishing Systems, Inc. to discuss your unique needs and request a quote.

Military Spray Booths

RS Finishing Systems, Inc. has successfully completed many spray booth installations for military vehicles. Paint booth requirements may vary depending on vehicle type such as trucks and jeeps to aircrafts and helicopters.

The team at RS Finishing Systems, Inc. is available to work with you to develop a custom booth or help find the right military equipment finishing system that will fit your needs.

Rail & Transit Spray Booths

RS Finishing Systems, Inc. understands the rail and transit industries along with the particular elements they require. We offer a comprehensive line of paint booths and finishing equipment specifically for the industry to ensure the highest standards are met every time.

In addition to an expansive selection of pre-engineered and standard models, RS Finishing Systems, Inc. has the resources and expertise to custom engineer products and complete finishing solutions to meet customers’ unique specifications.




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