Compressed Air Piping

We provide superior performing compressed air and gas systems with engineered longevity to reduce operating costs and improve productivity. Highly-durable materials are used to make our piping systems resistant to corrosion, vibration,  thermal variation, and outdoor weather conditions. Our metal clamshell connections are stronger than polymer fittings and the patented active concentric seals provide leak-free performance.

Easy Installation

AIRpipe is quick and easy to install thanks to it’s modular design. Complete range of pipe, fittings and accessories works easily for new projects, renovations and extensions. No special tooling is required and it’s reusable, light weight, modular design allows for easy installation. Quick drops can be added at any time to create new points of use.

Official Supplier

AIRpipe Canada is a leader in compressed air system. In addition to Audit, sizing and energy saving, AIRpipe Canada distribute and install high efficiency aluminum pipes and top engineered fittings.

Bassam Jaber, and Edward Bannister incorporated the company using their 20+ years of experience in helping general manufacturing industry such as food, automotive, mining and pharmaceutical to design and install compressed air system.




145 Industrial Pkwy. Unit #2 Aurora, ON

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