Reglo Man Lifts

Reglo man lifts are well known for their quality and durability. Whether you need a lift for large aircraft paint booths or military spray booths, Reglo provide reliable options to match your needs. 3-axis movement results in improved safety and overall finish quality. Contact RS Finishing Systems, Inc. for more information and to find out if a man lift is the right product for you.

Wall-Man & Wall-Man XL

The Reglo Wall-Man and Wall-Man XL provide better safety for spray booth operators performing at heights.

Entirely pneumatically operated, the Wall-Man series provide low lifetime costs and increased performance due to minimal over spray. There is no need to move hoses on the floor since there is no contact an an extra outlet for air tools is provided inside the basket.

Watch a video of the Reglo Wall-Man
Watch a video of the Reglo Liftman

Reglo Liftman

The Liftman portable man lift runs on compressed air and is ATEX compliant. Its small size makes it the perfect solution for smaller spray booths with shorter distances between the wall and object. The attached hose reel is 9.9 meters but can be extended.

The Liftman is commonly found in (but not limited to) paint booths for buses, commercial vehicles, and trams.

Liftman Fold

The Liftman fold, often used on oil/gas operations and chemical plants, has built-in safety features to ensure safe operations both on shore and off.

The Liftman Fold man lift has a foldable mast which allows it to be easily transported through narrow passages so that it can be moved to another level inside a platform or building for maintenance work. The Liftman Fold is moved manually by using an integrated handle. The up/down function is driven by compressed air.

Watch a video of the Reglo Liftman Fold

About Reglo

RS Finishing is the official broker and distributor of Reglo Man Lifts in Canada. Reglo is a Norway-based company that has served the man lift market for over 30 years and exports products to over 40 countries world wide.




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