Auto Body Frame Machines

There are a number of auto body frame machine options on the market. It’s important to know which one will work for the type of vehicles being worked on and the adjustments that need to be made. Being prepared with the proper equipment will help make your job quicker and easier, ultimately saving you time and money.

Sophisticated Construction

The heavy-duty UnoLiner chassis straightening bench frame serves as a basis for all UnoLiner auto chassis straightening benches. Machined profiles on the bench frame ensure the comprehensive UnoLiner range of equipment such as Draw Aligners, Bench Adapters, Down Pull Adapters, and Chain Guides can easily be attached and used. For flexible and efficient vehicle body and chassis repair work, every UnoLiner chassis straightening bench is equipped with UnoLiner’s “Quick Lock” Chassis Clamps and Bench Adapters.

Uno-Liner Frame Machines

RS Finishing Systems, Inc. is the Official Canadian exclusive Importer for Uno-Liner frame machines. Uno-Liner is based out of Amsterdam and is made up of an enthusiastic team of craftsmen and engineers working on the latest generation of auto chassis straightening and body panel repair systems.

Pull/Push Tools

The UnoLiner P10 Draw Aligner is UnoLiner’s pulling tower workhorse, equipped with a hydraulic cylinder with an impressive 10 ton pulling capacity, powered by a compressed air hydraulic pump.

Drive-On Benches

UnoLiner Drive-On Benches are outfitted with drive-on ramps divided into separate sections that are easy to place and remove. Angled drive-on sections of only 60 cm (24 inches) or 100 cm (40 inches) in length provide an efficient use of workshop space.

Roll-Over Benches

The low bench height of UnoLiner Roll-Over Benches makes them easy to use. Not needing bench angling or pulling winches to position a car or truck saves time and energy. The vehicle can simply be rolled into position.

In-Ground Benches

The R15 Drive-On Ramp Set fits onto each UnoLiner chassis straightening bench, including existing models. Its hinged design allows it to be installed flush with the floor. Simply roll or drive a vehicle onto the drive-on plates and activate the bench’s lift for easy access.




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